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Flying plate Aerobie SQUIDGIE yellow

Flying plate Aerobie SQUIDGIE yellow
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
A great advantage of the Aerobie Squidgie® is its foldability, where you can easily bend it and put it in your backpack, for example - Squidgie's flying saucer does not distort and lose quality. Because it is made of a very flexible and lightweight material, it can be thrown with caution even in the interior (children's room, hallway, etc.).

It is suitable for players of all levels. Even small children learn to catch and throw it without the flying saucer bumping into the face or fingers - it is totally flexible and extremely soft.
The Aerobia Squidgie's flying saucer flies straight and precisely thanks to its improved rim design (spoiler rim). This design feature keeps the buoyancy force at the center of the flying plate throughout the flight, greatly helping flight stability.

You can enjoy it while camping.

The surprisingly soft and flexible material is also suitable for small children
Does not contain phthalates or latex
Spoiler Rim for long and accurate flight
Suitable for players of all levels incl. complete beginners
Floats in the water - suitable for swimming pool, swimming pool or beach
Slightly portable (20cm diameter) and flexible in shape - fits into the backpack of any hiker
Recommended age 5+
Made in USA
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