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Longboard Street Surfing SHARK ATTACK Great white

Longboard Street Surfing SHARK ATTACK Great white
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions

Try " Shark Attack " - a longboard where you don't have to bounce off the ground. Experience the same feeling of driving on a typical longboard, but also with the possibility of surfing, cutting sharp turns and driving longboard rozkýváním to the side. Surf on the dry and boredom has no chance!


  • dimensions: 76x23 cm
  • board: 8 layers of maple
  • high friction anti-slip tape
  • wheelbase between wheels: 45.7 cm
  • concave deflection of the plate: 0.8 cm
  • trucks: 7 ”aluminum Seagull / 360 ° aluminum caster
  • front wheel: 80x19 mm / 85A / ABEC 9
  • rear castors: 65x47 mm / rounded edges / 83A / ABEC 9
  • weight: 2.8 kg
  • recommended age: 6+
  • load capacity: 100 kg

Total weight2800 g
Length914 mm
Total width216 mm
Number of layers of the board8
Wheel size65 mm
Hardness of the wheel83
Hardness of bushings92
Wheelbase584 mm
BearingsABEC 9
Flexibility of the boardmedium elastic
Load capacity100 kg
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