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Micro Cruiser Pink Folding Scooter

Micro Cruiser Pink Folding Scooter
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions

The Micro Cruiser Pink is a pink folding baby scooter that is also suitable for longer distances. It is one of the most comfortable folding children's scooters.
The advantage of this scooter are fast and comfortable 200 mm PU wheels, which are also mounted on scooters for adults. The advantage of 200mm compared to 120mm or 100mm wheels is that larger wheels better overcome road unevenness . The disadvantage of large wheels is the worse folding of the folded scooter and the greater turning radius.
Another advantage of the Micro Cruiser is the V-shaped and adjustable handlebar, which can be adjusted to the wishes of every child.
The scooter is a slightly shortened tread board to suit children with ease of use.
All these features ensure a brisk and comfortable ride to school, but also for longer distances.
A scooter can be driven by a handy rider from 5 years of age. The upper age limit is limited by the rider's height, usually up to 12 years.
Thanks to its pink color, this Micro Cruiser Pink is a favorite for girls.

Intended forMěsto, delší vzdálenosti
Age rangeDěti / Junioři
Weight4,5 kg
Load capacity100 kg
Composed dimensionsd.70 x š.13 x v.30 cm
SpecialityPevná a polohovatelná řídítka ve tvaru do V
Adjustable heightAno
Height of handlebars74 - 89 cm
Width of the handlebars50 cm
Folding rodAno
Wheel size200 mm
Wheel width30 mm
Wheel materialPU
Plate Width11 cm
Length of the board30 cm
Plate materialAlu
Height from ground4 cm
Composition of handlesNe
Front fenderAno
Eyelet on strapNe
Rear fenderAno
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