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Micro Pedalflow Black

Micro Pedalflow Black
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Prodejna Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovensko
3-7 pracovních dnů
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3-7 pracovních dnů
Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Bareback? No problem.
Micro Pedalflow is an innovative, folding and compact saddleless bicycle. It can be said that it is a special cross between a scooter and a bike.
Micro Pedalflow is designed for shorter distances or so-called "last kilometers" when you take Pedalflow to the last kilometers from your car, train, bus or tram and commute to where you need it. It is also useful to travel around vast areas, schools, sports grounds, clubs or resorts.
Thanks to the fast composition and distribution of the steering rod, it is a very mobile and modern means of transport that is easy to carry or transport, for example in public transport.
Pedalflow is not just about driving from point A to point B, but is also about great driving fun.

With Micro Pedalflow, you can brake by depressing the pedals backwards, thanks to the rear pedal (torpedo). So no brake cables will surely interfere with you anymore.

Inflatable tire
Inflatable tires with a diameter of 12.5 mm are used for a comfortable and fun ride. With a very comfortable tire width of 57 mm (2.25 inch), even slow driving is very stable. The tires must be inflated to 5.5 bar (80 PSI).

How far to go
Micro Pedalflow is designed for shorter distances, preferably on more flat terrain. We recommend it for more experienced individuals, as the rider stands on the pedals all the time. Optimal driving distances are within 3 km. More capable riders can handle 5-8 km without any problem. Not recommended for hilly terrain.

Fitness Strengthening and Body Strengthening
Yes, driving on the Micro Pedalflow will strengthen the entire lower body, especially the buttocks, thighs, and calves. The upper half of the body is less intense when driving, but it does not rest when driving, especially the abdominal muscles.

Tip for extra fun
Try the extra slow drive. You will be surprised how slowly you can go and control everything.
Intended forSport, volný čas, zábava
Age rangeDospělí / Mládež
Weight7,3 kg
Load capacity100 kg
Composed dimensionsd.83 x š.36 x v.47 cm
SpecialityPedálová brzda
Adjustable heightNe
Height of handlebars106,5 cm
Width of the handlebars45 cm
Folding rodAno
Wheel size300 (12 mm
Wheel width60 mm
Wheel materialGuma
Composition of handlesNe
Front fenderAno
Rear fenderAno
Type of wheelsNafukovací s duší
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