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News on our website

We are constantly trying to improve something for you on our website, and this time we are coming up with news about making payments .

So what improvements await you?

  • We've speeded up payment checking and order matching - your order with you will be even faster! Don't forget to just enter the variable symbol and amount correctly , so that everything goes well.
  • We also speed up payments for complaints, price adjustments in orders , etc.
  • We have simplified the possibility of creating an account on via your login on Facebook, list or Google .
  • In your accounts you will see complete overviews of order status, invoices, delivery notes, credit notes and you can easily claim the goods .
  • Of course, QR payment is very popular with customers.
  • Not to forget the most important thing - we have a new bank account number :

Payments for the Czech Republic: (in Czech crowns)

Bank name: Fio banka, as

Č. account: 2600735878/2010

Variable symbol: 2022003228


For foreign payments: (ONLY FOR EURO payments)

Use your reference number or variable number: 2022003228

Recipient's name: Scoot Distribution s.r.o

Bank name: Fio banka, as

Č.account: 2801159299/2010

IBAN : CZ97 2010 0000 0028 0115 9299


Bank address: Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10 117 21 Prague 1

We try to make it as easy as possible for you not only to purchase goods on our website.
Thank you for your support. team