Chcete změnit jazyk eshopu na us?

First ride on a freestyle scooter

Before you start riding and training tricks

Never forget to warm up, stretch and warm up before going out. If you were to ask Martin Nogol for some advice early on, he will tell you this. Thanks to stretching and warming your body, you will be even more mobile and making the first tricks on the scooter easier.

Do not forget about protective gear such as a helmet and, knee protectors and more. The helmet is really important. It should not be a classic cycling helmet, it does not cover your head and when you hit back, you will make a rash of two. Here you will find helmets here .

Before driving, check if the scooter is ok, check if the screws are loose, the handlebar is not released, or there are no cracks around the welds!

Where to ride and train

The first tricks are a surface with a smooth surface without stones, puddles, mud and minimal dust. So there is a walkway :) here you can easily learn basic trick, tailwhip. Martin Nogol made a great video tutorial for tailwhip. You'll find him on the vimeo

The best place to ride a freestyle scooter is the skatepark. It may have obstacles and ramps from concrete, iron, wood or similar materials. The advantage of skateparks is that there are obstacles, clean surfaces and other riders who can help with the first tricks. Do not forget to follow the rules of the park and definitely try not to interfere with the other riders under the wheels and wheels;)

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