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Freestyle scooter Bestial Wolf Rocky R12 black

Freestyle scooter Bestial Wolf Rocky R12 black
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

How about a proper scooter for proper riders? Bestial Wolf has come up with a new line of Rocky scooters. The handlebars have a length of 650mm ! Board 530m with a width of 125mm ! The board is completely reworked, lighter and stronger , but the biggest advantage of this scooter are the interchangeable Box Ends! You can either have the back of the board beveled or square . So it is suitable for both the street and the skate park !

  • handlebars: 650x580mm
  • HIC compr. system
  • one-piece, threadless, aluminum fork
  • 110mm wheels with aluminum center
  • sleeve with two M6 screws
  • ABEC9 bearings
  • aluminum plate with dimensions: 530x125mm
  • board for integrated headsets
  • headset with industrial bearings
  • two-piece, welded plate neck
  • plastic brake
  • Removable Box Ends

Freestyle koloběžka promírně pokročilé jezdce
Total weight3950 g
Height of handlebars650 mm
The width of the handlebars580 mm
Height of the handlebars from the ground880 mm
The shape of the handlebarsShape Y
Material of the handlebarssteel
Handlebar outer diameter35 mm
Internal handlebar diameter32 mm
Length of the board530 mm
Plate Width125 mm
Footspace360 mm
Plate angle83
Deck materialaluminum 6061 T6
Neck Platestwo-part
Clamp typetwo screws
Inner diameter of the sleeve35 mm
Type of headform according to the boardIntegrated
Head assemblythreadless
Bearings of head assemblyindustrially
Fork typethreadless, one-piece
Fork materialaluminium
Wheel size110 mm
Design středu kolečkaSpoked
Wheel materialaluminium
BearingsABEC 9
Compression systemHIC
Brake typeFlexless (Flex)
Brake materialsteel
Load capacity100 kg
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