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Salt Plus Field Front Load BMX Stem (50mm|Oilslick)

Salt Plus Field Front Load BMX Stem (50mm|Oilslick)
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions

The Salt Plus Field stem is a high performance BMX stem for freestyle bikes and is used to attach the fork to the handlebars. With a front load mount, your handlebars will be mounted a little lower, giving you not only a sleeker look, but also more stability and better control. Because the handlebars are a bit further from the rider, the front load mounting system is often chosen by taller riders. Weighing only 325g, this Salt stem won't add that much weight to your setup. The shorter stem is ideal for riders who are either not very tall or who do technical tricks like manual lined or bunny hops. With a classic 22.2mm diameter, this stem is compatible with any standard size handlebar.

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