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Snow Skates Sled Dogs Hygen

Snow Skates Sled Dogs Hygen
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

Hygen is a Norwegian breed known for its strong nerves and resistance. They combine speed and stamina to achieve better results than the versatile Halden.

  • Aluminum buckles with micro adjustment for maximum tightening sensitivity
  • 35 mm strap for better control
  • Front and rear loops for easy tongue and inner liner removal
  • Stronger material / construction for better cornering stability
  • Sled Dogs sizes 5 - 13

This breed comes from a transparent deep racing red, indicating that they are bred for speed!
The material is designed to be slightly stiffer than Halden, for stability at higher speeds.
As with all Sled Dogs Hygen breeds, it has a running surface with steel edges for easy bite on the slopes.
Universal breed for men and women.
Hygen is available in sizes 5 - 13 / 4.5 - 12.5 Unisex / 37-47 EUR / 230 mm - 310 mm.

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