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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions

The skates are equipped with a revolutionary electromechanical braking system controlled by a wireless controller. Braking on these skates is now more comfortable, safer, simpler and more efficient than the classic brake located behind the rear wheel! This model with the EBS Strong brake is recommended for users weighing up to 110 kg.More information about this patented Czech product can be found at: www.stopskate.com

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Attractive inline skates designed for active fitness skaters combine all current modern technologies and trends in fitness skating.

The skates are designed for advanced and experienced skaters.

The very strong chassis for 3 wheels with a maximum size of 100 mm allows you to skate very quickly and comfortably over longer distances.

The chassis is relatively short, which increases the dexterity of the skate and easier control when skating in places where it is necessary to change the direction of travel more often and the skate is thus very playful and fun.

The comfortable liner is two-layer. The harder outer layer firmly holds the foot in the skeleton, while the softer inner layer certainly encloses the foot, thus achieving a feeling of high comfort and safe control of the skate.

For greater safety of skaters, there are reflective elements on the skate that increase their visibility in the dark and with reduced visibility.

The solid skeleton is ventilated through the sole and the air is distributed by an insole under the entire foot.

The modern "TEMPISH Lacing system" allows you to quickly tighten and release the skate.
By tightening the instep strap and the upper buckle on the skate collar, each user can set the optimal position of the foot in the skeleton, ideal and comfortable control of the skate.

Axis diameter 6 mm / 28 mm

Size: 42-45

Inner liner length:

vel.: 42 - 26.7cm

vel.: 43 - 27.4cm

vel.: 44 - 28.3cm

vel.: 45 - 28.8cm

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