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Trickboard Classic All season

Trickboard Classic All season
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

Trickboard was designed in cooperation with top athletes and movement experts for enthusiasts of all skill levels incl. complete beginners.
It is also a recommended training for sports where balance is important - such as skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, kiting, martial arts, tennis, athletics, fitness and many more.
Exercise helps to Trickboardu rehabilitation knees, ankles, hips and preemptively prevents injuries of the joints by strengthening the surrounding muscles - joints are more stable.

Whether you are a professional athlete or just want to improve fitness, Trickboard offers :
• Balance training, peripheral nervous system development and motor skills
• overall strengthening of all muscular muscles - especially deep abdominal and back muscles
• Possibility of exercising indoors and outdoors in fresh air - easy to carry
• A plethora of exercises and tricks

The Trickboard top plate is coated with a non - slip layer that is comfortable for bare feet while being resistant to the soles. The Trickboard cylinder can also be used indoors - it does not smudge on the floor.

The shape of the Classic expands from center to edge, allowing tricks to be performed after mastering the baseline. For more safety board is equipped with bottom end stops.

Kids and adults will enjoy the Trickboard exercise.

max. load capacity: 120 kg
plate size: 87 x 30 / 26.5 x 2 cm (length x width at the edge / width in the middle x thickness)
cylinder size: 13 cm x 36.5 cm (diameter x length)
plate weight: 3.2 kg
cylinder weight: 2.1 kg
end safety stoppers from bottom plate
recommended age: 9+

Total weight5300 g
Length of the board870 mm
Plate Width300 mm
Load capacity120 kg
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