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10:00-18:00 (eshop), 13:00-17:00 (prodejna)



On the weekend of 23. - 24. April goes to Brno!

We'll meet at 360 Only Street Jam on Saturday! The start is at 10 am at Labská 689 / 19a . We will meet here and the whole bunch of sct, bmx, mtb will set off for the all-day Jam from Bohunice to Komárov. We record 8-11 spots, which we will drive along the way. We will stop at a hut near Albert and the end is in the Komec skatepark in Komárov.



Attention, this is a group but unorganized event. Everyone has a responsibility for themselves! So helmets with you!

On Sunday we set off to the Komec skatepark in Komárov ! Lorenzo, Jirka Volenec and Petr Strnadel will arrive. We will arrive at the park at 11 am . We'll do our best trick over the obstacles and drive. We also take merchants, stickers and T-shirts for 10 years of , so count on the dealer!



Because in Brno this weekend it will be alive with a Friesian! team