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TSI Boxcutter RAW + griptape free

TSI Boxcutter RAW + griptape free
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

So we have another track from TSI. TSI created the first freestyle scooter board. And they continue to report the trends of the street rider. The board is therefore suitable for every layman . The width of the board is 140 mm, so it is almost skate. Weight is 1.8 kg. Still to buy some Tecka and you can plan your day in the city.

You will receive us a free Griptape Jessup gift from us!

  • board size: 565x140 mm
  • for integrated headsets
  • for castors: 100-110 mm
  • Weight: 1884 g
  • board material: Aluminum 6061
  • concave
  • Flex Fender spring brake
Total weight1884 g
Length of the board565 mm
Plate Width140 mm
Plate angle83
Deck materialaluminum 6061 T6
Type of headform according to the boardIntegrated
Tube length of neck plate105 mm
Brake materialsteel
Brake typeFlexless (Flex)
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