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Prodejna PO-PA: 13:00-17:00, S0-NE: ZAVŘENO (e-shop: 10:00-17:00)

Grand Prix Hradec Králové 2023



The fourth and last race of the Cup 2023 will take place in the Hradec skate park , which is covered and the surface is made of wood. Here the riders have to show what they can do on bigger obstacles. We will also find out the winner of the entire cup , who will receive 20,000 CZK to spend on!


When: 16.9.2023

Where: Skatepark Hradec Králové

Category: -14 and +14 (inclusion in the category is taken into account only the year of birth.� Riders born in 2009 and below will fall into the +14 category)

Online and on-site registration (please note that the limit of competitors is 100. We recommend registering online): HERE


How will the races take place?

  • Each rider will have two runs of 45s each.
  • The rating of the rides will be online, so you can see the result of your ride immediately.
  • There will be 5 judges, the best and the worst result will be crossed out, so the rating of the riders will always be fair.
  • Riders who place themselves in the first 15 places will receive points .�The points will be added up and at the end of the entire tour we will announce the absolute winner of the Cup. More here .�The winner of the cups in his category will receive a voucher worth CZK 20,000 for shopping at!


Important information:

  • All riders who are not of legal age (anyone under the age of 18) must bring a signed "own risk" document from their parents to the races. This document can be downloaded here .
  • a helmet is mandatory for all eaters (we also recommend knee, elbow and teeth protectors)
  • Registrations are now online at .�It is possible to register for the races on the spot, but beware the race is limited to 100 riders. We therefore recommend registering online.
  • Cup point system
  • The evaluation of the races will take place according to the instructions of the long-standing freestyle scootering federation: ISF. Download: HERE

What to look forward to?

  • great atmosphere
  • professional organization
  • professional speaker and musical performance
  • accompanying program and sports activities
  • and much more

Complete information about the races can be found HERE .


If you have a moment of free time, don't forget to stop a little further on at the KRÁLOVÉHRADEKÉ DOŽÍNKY .


We look forward to you!

The team