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Waveboard Street Surfing LX Explosive '16

Waveboard Street Surfing LX Explosive '16
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Description and dimensions
Description and dimensions
Waveboard LX has been developed by American manufacturer Street Surfing, especially for regular driving and trick training. The design of the waveboard is maximally lightweight (only 3.2kg), but highly rigid. So the Waveboard is better controlled with turns and tricks.
The Waveboard LX is suitable for recreational use as well as for those who wish to pursue streetsurfing at an advanced or professional level.

lightweight construction for tricks and jumps
molded plates for increased stability
bearings ABEC 7
wheels 78mm, 88A, PU
grip spikes around the perimeter of the board
grip tape on the board
caster with durable bearings
4-layer torsion bar
size 86,4x23,10 cm
weight 3,2kg
recommended age 6+
max. load capacity 100kg
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