Freestyle koloběžky MGP MGX

Na našem webu naleznete dva modely koloběžek MGX a to model PRO a model TEAM. Tak neváhejte a vybírejte ještě dnes!...


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Freestyle scooter MGP MGX Pro Purple / Pink
Freestyle scooter MGP MGX Pro Purple / Pink
Code: i526_102627
157.68 EUR
223.46 EUR
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Weight: 3.58kg. For intermediate riders. Suitable for a skate park.
About the category MGX

On our website you can find two models of MGX scooters, the PRO model and the TEAM model. So don't hesitate and choose today!

New scooter series from the legendary MGP brand! MGX are even lighter, prettier and better! the change can be seen mainly on the neck of the record. It's all redesigned, lightened up. The board is perfectly balanced and the 120 mm wheels make the ride faster and more stable. The board and handlebars are lightened by spline technology. This makes them even lighter than the competition. Recommended for more advanced riders who ride exclusively in the skatepark.


The unmissable TEAM scooter from MADD, which is a great choice for training in the skatepark. It's a great choice if you want to pick up new skills and practice new tricks. It is designed for beginners and intermediate riders. The scooter is very well balanced. All parts of this scooter have been carefully selected and adjusted, resulting in a super freestyle scooter that is a joy to ride! Řhandles are made of Japanese Chromoly steel, they are extra durable and have a long service life. The design of the scooter is absolutely unmistakable.

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