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Chilli in-mold gray helmet

Chilli in-mold gray helmet
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Description and dimensions
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Description and dimensions

- a chilli helmet that also produces high quality freestyle scooters

- sizes: S: 53-55 cm, M: 55-58 cm, L: 58-61 cm

- very light helmet up to 50% lighter than other helmets, no neck pain

- gram, size S: 220g; M: 285g; L: 295g

- Excellent ventilation from the front, front and back

- Made of new top materials, in-mold designs

- excellent protection for your head, the helmet perfectly covers all the risk spots

- soft padding

- The helmet also has a clamping wheel to remove the circumference around the head

- This helmet has the certification for freestyle scooter riding according to the standards of the World Freestyle Scooter Association, ISA and others

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